Hiperpronación (también conocida simplemente como pronación)

Pronation is a complex physiological movement produced in a joint located under the ankle (subtalar). This movement describes a rotation towards the internal side of the foot, just after the initial contact between the foot and the ground while running.

As we walk or run, pronation helps to cushion the impact of the initial contact, as well as it helps the foot to recognise the ground and to adapt us to its irregularities. Without pronation, the impact in every step would be transmitted to the upper part of the legs and would affect the natural body mechanics.

The problem arises when pronation exceeds the normal values, and causes an excess of movement, called overpronation (slight, moderate, serious), in which all these functions get lost, and the structures of the foot undergo -tissue stress- which results in common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, sprains, tendinopathies, etc. Statistically this problem is very common, suffered by 40 to 80% of assiduous runners.

Currently, running shoes are specifically designed for different types and degrees of footstep. Therefore, the type of footstep and, in this case, pronation level, are very important factors in the footwear choice. We can find footwear for slight pronation and moderate to serious pronation. The best way to find out how is your footstep is to consult an expert, who will analyse it and recommend you the best running trainers, according to your weight, activity level and training surface.


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