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Supination (or underpronation)

Supination happens when the pronation movement is not performed within normal values. Statistically, it is the most unusual footstep type in runners, only between a 5 to 10% of runners has this type of footstep.

Usually, at the initian contact of the foot with the ground, the external area of the footwear hits the ground with a bigger angle causing a big impact transmission through the lower body. This lateral loading of the foot extends during the whole stance phase, affecting the running efficiency.

For this reason, supinators usually wear out the running shoes on the external part of the heel, and the upper part of the trainer can be misfit, and even deformed, towars the outer side. Supinators tend to suffer injuries such as stress fractures mainly due to the excess of impact they undergo.

If you are a supinator you should choose neutral running trainers, or trainers for supinators, with good shock absorption and avoid double-density half soles. This will help to reduce the impact suffered by the legs and the back while running.

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