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Runalytics is a 3D expert analysis system of the running pattern that enables, with a simple 5 minutes test, to classify a runner as over-pronator (slight or severe), neutral or underpronator (supinator), depending on his/her running pattern.

This analysis helps to recommend a specific footwear depending on the running pattern of the user through a simple and friendly environment design and adapted to the needs of sports stores.

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What does Runalytics includes?

Runalytics is a self-installable system, so you will be able to enjoy its features in less than 60 minutes by following a few and simple steps. Runalytics includes::

HD+ Screen of 20" with LED back-light and screen resolution of 1600x900 pixels

2Camera with a resoultion of 640x480 pixels. It is possible to purchase a second camera to analyze the two legs at the same time.

3Lighting system: Led flashlight, White light, 260 leds

44 pack of disposable augmented reality markers (200 units altogether)

5All components and wires required for installation


Note: If you have internet connection you will be able to access the Runalytics Community and register your store profile, appearing in the reports of every user tested in your shop. Therefore, it is a very important promotional tool since users will share this information with their friends, in social networks, etc., creating high value marketing impacts.


Pantallazo resultados

 Size and weight of Runalytics?

Width 510 mm 270 mm
Depth 80 mm 310 mm
Height 390 mm 560 mm (hallway mode)
680 mm (treadmill mode)
Weight 8 Kg 10 Kg

Requirements for Runalytics installation?

1Hallway installation requirements:

  • o  Minimum available length in hallway: 4 m in front of the measurement area and 4m behind the measurement area
  • o  Minimum width of the hallway: 1,5 m
2Treadmill installation requirements

  • o    Minimum height of treadmill surface: 5 cm (2")
  • o    Maximum height of treadmill surface: 15 cm (6")
  • o    Speed connection range (minimum): between 7 and 10 Km/h (2 and 2,8 m/s)



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